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about us

That's actually a great question so let me explain. Dick'n Jane, although new to the retail world, has been around since 2008 and has been wholesaleing to a few select stores in the US. In 2012, Dick'n Jane started to move towards a retail, web-based store and here we are today.

Dick'n Jane began it's life as a simple idea to create custom metal toys and from that, we determined that there was a need for a line of exceptional toys and furniture that fall into a few simple categories:

  • Everything must be exceptional in quality.
  • Everything must be portable.
  • Everything must be tough and easy to clean.
  • Everything must be easy to assemble with limited or preferrably zero tools.
  • Everything must be easy to store away from prying eyes.
  • Everything must be affordable. 

...and with those simple ideas, we began to create a line of toys and furniture that fit each and every category.

The Dick'n Jane line of toys and furniture is ever evolving and from the start of a simple sex swing, has branched into a line of multiple items that are unparralelled and consistently growing. We listen to our customers. When you make suggestions, we make adjutments and continuously improve our products. You could say that we are never might even say we are a bit "Anal" about our products, however, it's that persuit of perfection that makes Dick'n Jane Toys an exceptional place to shop for your adult toys.

From the "Professional" side of the business, we are consistently forming new relationships with other professionals in the adult industry. Actors, Actresses and other Manufacturers are often consulted and partnerships formed. We understand that it takes cooperation between everyone involved in this industry and it is our goal to develop a strong and respectable reputation with everyone.

From a product standpoint, Dick'n Jane obviously doesn't create every product it sells. We feel that everything we offer should fall into the categories listed above so we try very hard to hand select items that feel fit our mold. We stand by everything we offer and although there are strick return policies regarding adult items, if you are unhappy with anything you receive from Dick'n Jane, we will do everything in our power to correct the problem and satisfy our customers. In the case that items we offer, do not meet our standards, we will remove them and replace them with items that do. That's our promise to you!

So, if your a professional, a wannabie or somewhere in between, we invite you to look around and place your order with Dick'n Jane...